What are the chances of getting AIDS from getting stuck with a used needle?

Gerri R asked:

Health care workers do occasionally get AIDS from poking their finger or hand with a used needle. But the experts say there is only a small chance of it happening.
My professor said it is less than a One percent (1%) chance that you would get HIV or AIDS from a needle stick. Is that true?
Then what percent of a chance is it really of getting AIDS like that?

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4 Responses to What are the chances of getting AIDS from getting stuck with a used needle?

  1. sotrix says:

    they must be very poorly trained health care workers
    chances of getting AIDS from one is slim, as the first user must have it
    1% sounds right to me
    but remember, don’t take chances

  2. Paje says:

    Seems to me your prof would have the answers. Be careful, be compassionate.

  3. AngelEnt says:

    As a nurse I can tell you, we don’t know what kind of lives ppl lead. The church going modest looking man could be hooking up with hookers on the side & putting his wife at risk as well. Everybody is a potential for carrying the HIV virus. When it comes to needle sticks we don’t take any chances. In a health-care setting that is taken very seriously and it be should taken very seriously. When needle sticks occur you have to fill out paperwork and then you have to get tested for the HIV virus, Hepatitis, and I’m sure other blood contagious diseases.

    Maybe there is only a 1 percent chance of actually getting HIV from a needle stick but why would anyone take that chance & not get tested. It sort of sounds like your professor was a little blase about it. Those matters are taken very serious in a health-care setting and if it’s not, then it should be. Regardless though, it is OSHA law that they have you get tested anyways.

  4. speciallady121 says:

    Your professor is right it is less than 1% chance that you could get HIV or AIDS for a needle stick. I too am a health care worker and have has a stick or two myself but if you follow the needle stick instructions report the accident first for the records if something should happen later to you, wash the site, squeeze the area to make bleed, review patient health history, if need as the pt. would they be willing to go get tested because you were just stuck with a used needle pt. they are not always truthful about the health history fearful of not being treated. If all steps are done in order after the needle stick happen and the results come back neg. you will be fine. But the needle should be recapped after each use to prevent this from happening in the first place and be very careful cleaning up the treatment area after each use. This is part of Universal precaution.

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