How long does it take to get STD testing results?

Emily asked:

how long does it normally take to get back, and please put your experience, or resourses. and let me know for EACH STD please.
and i would love it if you wouldn’t be smart about it. this is something that could ruin a persons life and you want to be rude. I just want to make sure its not information that is useless. Sorry that I’m worried about my Well-being, but don’t be rude to me because of it.

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4 Responses to How long does it take to get STD testing results?

  1. Goofy Goofer Goof Goof Goof ! says:

    I don’t think this is an appropriate question as your asking people to give personal information.


  2. ali says:

    …A week.
    They all come back at the same time….if you got your blood taken and urine sample at the same time…

  3. Rae says:

    I think that all of the questions on here (STD) wise are PERSONAL, so there is no reason that this question is not to be answered.
    OK…so each STD is different for the most part….I have had screens for all STDs done and I can tell you how it was for me.
    I had a chlamydia/gonorreah/syphillis culture done and that is a swab of the vaginal area…this test came back within a week…sometimes faster depending on the lab you use.
    Blood tests are a little longer due to the process of the blood….I had a herpes test done which is seperate from the others, and that took about two days to get back.
    For HIV tests blood work for that took about two days as well….
    NOW..the kicker is when you would have been exposed or what not…say you were exposed to Herpes and you go and get a blood test a few weeks later, the antibodies for this won’t show up for about three months, this is what happened to me…so I suggest to get tested regularly every 6 months if you are worried or sexually active. Most tests come back fairly quickly from my own personal experience, hope this helps!

  4. rhapsodynblue7 says:

    Most doctor’s test for them in regular exams and I have always been told max of 2 weeks

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