How long does it take to know your STD testing results?

ghalla10 asked:

I’m going to get tested at a planned parenthood clinic, but I’m so worried over absolutely nothing just because reading this stuff has freaked me out. i’m just wondering after you get tested, how long does it take to get your results back? Also, what tests are included in a STD testing? Is HIV included?

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  1. sweetangie714 says:

    usually takes anywhere from 3-11 days for bacteria infection like chlamydia, gonorhhea, syphillis..

    viral infections like hiv, herpes, and hpv takes 3 months for them to test you..

    ask them if all the stds are included bc some hospitals dont test for all..i think planend parenthood dont test for all unless u request them to test for every std there is..

    when i went there..they only tested me for chlamydia and gonorhhea, and I had to ask for a HIV test.. i didnt know till later that u have to request for a ALL STD check up.. but since i didnt want to go back there (long wait), i ended up goin to my regular doctor at my hospital and had them do a full blood std check up ..

  2. cali_guy5592000 says:

    2 to 3 weeks , its either a uran test, blood test, or a swab taking for your private. and when they test i think they test for every std you can get, hiv is an std so theyll let you know.

  3. LINDA R says:

    In order to be tested for HIV, you must give signed consent. It may take different amounts of time to get the test results back, depending on what tests you ask to have done. HIV tests can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 weeks to get results back. However, with HIV, there is a window period (period of time that you may be infected, but not test positive for the antibodies), so you may need to be retested depending on how long ago your possible exposure was. It usually takes 3-4 months for HIV antibodies to show up, but in very rare cases, it can take up to 6 months.

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